Geriatric City Tours

Riding around in a bus with some complimentary booze… well, that was kind of the day in Antigua. There’s some interesting history with the Yacht Club there with rich people coming to try and outdo each other every year. Antigua is probably even prettier than the last two stops. Gorgeous from land and from the air. It’s the kind of place that a narcissistic sociopath could go to the beach by themself and have a great time taking selfies all day.

One thought on “Geriatric City Tours

  1. This is where my husband and I got married almost 12 years ago! But we stayed on the other side of the island ( at a Sandals resort). We did a boat tour around the entire island and did some snorkeling with stingrays and also saw Eric Clapton’s house ( I have a cool pic but from a different view). Also went zip lining in their rain forest. No geriatric tours for us. Went into the city to get our marriage license, to see it somewhat impoverished there, but the people seemed to be happy.

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